I like conferences. I’m a real estate brat after all. I’ve been to my fair share of training events. Big or small, there’s always something you can take away from them. Every year as part of developing my blog, I attend Blogopolis. I get to visit with friends, make new ones and generally party like it’s 1999. With a big side order of training and development, of course! But last year I missed ProBlogger. I was under a rock apparently. This year I was determined not to miss out. I was going.

Full stop.

So I am. I have my tickets, my flights, my accommodation and my roomie. I’m all set to go. I have airport parking, organised accommodation for the night before and loosely planned my return home to the not so glorious world of day jobs. These things must be done though. So tell me, who’s coming? Where are you at with planning? Can we get a drink together at the networking thing? Those events always make me a bit nervous and overly chatty and prone to sipping a little too much booze. You’ll save me from myself, right?

And for those not going. Sorry to be a jerk and sort of rub it in. Add it to your list for next year. Until then check out the eBooks page {link in sidebar} for the two ProBlogger eBooks I recommend. The 31 days to a Better Blog one is something I do often enough to take the blog post where it is at the time. It’s a good refocusing tool and therefore worth every cent. It’ll also be worth about $6 {edit: $12! Apparently} to me if you buy it from here. So you know, that’s a win. Plus, it’ll sort of feel like you are there, right?

So there’s the update. Melbourne here I come. Four days this time.

Show me what you’ve got.

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