You can blame Danielle for this post. Yesterday she shared a pic with the ladies of the Aussie Curves group regarding the fit of a certain ASOS bikini. As one witty commenter noted, her cup was well and truly running over. Her cup runneth over, I think was the line. LOVE. Then all day whenever I logged into Facebook, a picture of Dani’s ample bosom would appear in my news feed.


It {they?} shouted at me.




It’s funny but whenever I get a bunch of women together there is almost always some conversation about boobs. Too little, too much. Too high, too low. Too mismatched, too weird. Everyone has something to say about them. Boobs run large in one side of our family, rather small on the other. My sister and I both picked up the large side. My brother, luckily, the small. So yeah. Boobs.

I’m a little worried now, it has just occurred to me, about the search optimisation going on here! Eeeek. This blog is a virtual boob free zone lurkers, carry on. Sure I’ve got them, large ones from the point above, but I’m not a real flaunter. It turns out that the almost navel grazing, low-cut tops of the twenties have been replaced by something a little more demure. Who knew!?

It takes a while to learn how to dress boobs. People just don’t realise how much SPACE they take up. The top that looks classic and oh so chic on someone with small boobs, yells lady of the night on someone with larger breasts. You have to watch out for the extra wide space of the wrap top, the v-neck is a danger in your casual wardrobe and don’t even get me started on the boob-tube.

Boobs, do you have them? Have you learnt how to dress them yet? Tell me a boob story, make my day. 

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