Hubby and I have rediscovered our love for dating. And by rediscovered I mean, we’ve just started. We never really dated before we were engaged, then living together, then married. All the way through there we never really went out. We entertained at home, visited friends homes and sometimes planned special dinners that were almost always foregone for a quiet night on the couch or curled up in bed watching a movie. Now though, we’ll get dressed up and in the car for a couple of $1 frozen cokes. We love to drive around, chatting and scouting our next photo spot. Sometimes we have dinner. Most of the time we just hang out, like we used to. We always loved doing that.

I’m glad I didn’t miss the opportunity. It’s fun! It’s nice to interact with Hubby in a way that isn’t hey can you load the dishwasher, errr, did you buy milk sort of way. I love chatting with him and laughing until our stomachs hurt. To think, I might have missed all of this. Maybe if we had kids by now we would never have dated. I sure as heck can’t imagine having this much time to pull together outfits and do my make-up, then wrangle my hair and still feel like going out. Perhaps we would have made the time. Doubtful, but perhaps. Imagine if I hadn’t committed to three outfit posts a week! We would never have gotten the kick in the butt to go out..! You now how people say that life happens as it’s supposed to when you look back on it.

I’m looking back. I’m smiling. Life’s good. 

Enjoy today’s photos. They were taken at a water tower a few blocks from our house. It is even a little bit private which means, for once, I’m not cringing every time another car goes past. I may be vain, but it is still a bit weird to be posing for photos out on the streets. I’m not sure I’ll ever get over that. How’s that for a little insight into my head space? Ha. It’s a little weird in here.

plus size denim jacket t-shirt outfit 003

plus size denim jacket t-shirt outfit 004

plus size denim jacket t-shirt outfit 001

plus size denim jacket t-shirt outfit 008

plus size denim jacket t-shirt outfit 002

plus size denim jacket t-shirt outfit 006

Jacket – Autograph Fashion
Tee – Emerson for Big W
Necklaces – Lovisa
Skirt – Virtu {gifted}
Flats – KMart

{disclosure policy}

plus size denim jacket t-shirt outfit 007

Do you date much? Single, married and otherwise.

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