Happy Sunday ladies and gents. It was a drizzly, slow day around here. I babysat last night {and let’s face it, wore myself out}. I watched some movies and laid around my house. It gave me plenty of time to wonder and think about the upcoming 12 months. This week I turn 29 which is so exciting and daunting and wonderful. I’m not the type to fear or even complain about getting older. Getting old is for the lucky ones, I say.

But it’s a new chapter, a door closing. And as clichéd as it sounds, another one is definitely opening. The one opening is the big fat door marked as my thirties. I assume my experience is normal but it feels like I’m entering the business end of things. Like now it’s time to get my shit firmly together. If there is such a thing. Always the serious type {well, until recently} I hit 19 and treated it like the business end of life, wore myself and found myself at 26 wondering what the heck I’d been doing all that time.

It’s a strange thing to wake up and wonder if you should have been living your life differently. To even have the question surprised me. But 26 was a bit of a turning point in my awareness of who I am. I really settled into my skin. My life. My relationship. Bit by bit even though I still want more, I welcomed my life. I don’t know if this happens for all people in their late 20’s {I hear it sort of does} but all of a sudden I was ok with who I am. Ok with my contribution in life. I was proud of me and all I’d achieved and would still achieve.

So in the interests of stuff still to be achieved I’m starting a list. Things I should do before I turn 30. Hook me up here.

What would you put on your list?

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