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Mrs BC, Debbie and I.  

A month ago {time flies folks} I was invited to a BBQ hosted by Lenard’s Chicken. Each of the blogger’s were given a $50 voucher prior to the event and a gift bag to take home from the event. Hubby and I went a little nuts at the Lenard’s counter when it came time to spend our voucher determined to use it all at once. Greedy kids we are.

When we realised just how much chicken a $50 voucher would buy we added a few of the stir in sauces to round out our total. For me, they are the total winner. When it comes to sauces I’ve almost given them all up for dead. Most are laden with sugar and taste like poo to be frank. The butter chicken has around 4g/100g of sugar which is great. Well within my window. Quick easy dinner win.

The butter chicken was super easy to make. The chicken we purchased was diced so we browned off some onion in a pan, added the chicken and tossed in the sauce. After a bit of bubbling away and a low heat simmer since I was finished cooking before the rice was finished, it was amazing. We ate it with a side order of greens, because you can never have too many and hey presto done.

Now we are not experts when it comes to Indian food. We enjoy it and appreciate it when there is different flavours in different dishes but we just don’t have that much experience. That said this was a tomatoey, creamy {I used the cream in it instead of the yoghurt because that’s what I had} dish. Glad to add it to the rotation. Happy to have had a chance to try it out. Even happier to recommend it.

Lenards Butter Chicken Sachet Meal -1

The end.

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