Me. Sunnies. Sort of Duck Face.

Today I left the house. Instead of curling into a ball on my couch feeling worse by the minute I decided, stuff it, I’m going OUTSIDE. So I packed my laptop and set off to my Gloria Jeans office and set up camp. The crazy people trying to secure the last of their Easter groceries and taking advantage of the last shopping day until Monday {gasp! Oh, wait, that happens every week here people, calm down!} get my blood pumping and I’m alive again. Nothing like a battle over a parking space to make you feel alive, don’t you think?

So I sit here, with my full laptop rather than the iPad because today is the day that I finish the text for my first ever eBook. Or that’s what I’m telling myself anyway. I’m going to write the intro texts for each of the sections and get them sent off to Sass. I am going to win the oh my gawd, I’ve been writign an eBook for a million years and keep scrapping it to start again. I assume that this, to a MUCH lesser degree, is what writing a novel looks like. A bad one, about blog designs. But you get the point.

I’m drinking my third coffee for the day and things are starting to go a bit down hill around here. I’ve started randomly staring off into space at strangers and have convinced myself at least three of the people I have seen so far are long lost friends or relatives. Or that this one lady must read my blog because she is wearing her blue autograph tunic in exactly the same way I wore mine to the Say Hello Workshop. Because I invented the belted tunic over leggings look. Of course.

Do you get the feeling that this post is about nothing? I do. I think almost 200 episodes of Friends has rotted my brain and rendered me incapable of speaking about anything important. But then I remember I slept 20 of yesterdays 24 hours and realise I have n0thing important to write about. unless cold and flu relief is of interest to you? Let me know. I’m an expert now. Mostly in the home remedy department. Vodka, lime and soda department and ciggies for a sore throat.

So here I am. Sitting here. Wondering if this post really even needs to be published. But I’m thinking it does. Random ramblings MUST be the category. Because let’s face it, it doesn’t really fit anywhere else around here. Speaking of categories, how many do you have on your blog? Someone suggested it should be less than 10. 7 being optimal. I have like 40. Do you think this is a problem? I’ve been wondering for ages about this. Wondering if a clean up and clear out is in order.

Actually. I think I need to get out more.

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