So work outfits is what you lovelies were after, and work outfits is what you’ll get! I’m working with Hubby to try to capture these after work when we can. So I’m not going to always be perfectly pressed and presented. I’m sure you’ve come to expect such a high standard of glamour from me, I’d hate to see you disappointed. HA. Tongue firmly in cheek. I’m sure you’ll manage. Anyway. First Up I wanted to share my little trick when it comes to being in an office, being presentable and managing that constant battle that is temperature control.

One word.


In this photo I am wearing a stripe tank top, button up cardigan and a blazer over classic fit work pants. As you can see wearing all these layers at this later stage in the day, outside of air con, has taken its toll. It’s hot! But the beauty of this is you can strip off layers as you need to. Ditch the blazer or the cardigan, either way it works {though stripe on stripe may mess with your eyeballs a little}. Keep the layers themselves light, work with complimentary colours {more so than I have} and you’ll be set.

So there you go. It’s not rocket surgery*, is it?

work wear for office plus size-7

work wear for office plus size-2

work wear for office plus size

Blazer – Virtu {2012}
Cardigan – Mix Apparel
Basic long line Tank – Virtu {gifted}
Pants – Autograph
Shoes – Woman by Morrissey for BigW {2011}


Your best layering tips, go!


* deliberate, totally. I know it’s rocket science or brain surgery, I just prefer this. Haha.

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