This isn’t a post about lady like clothes and elegant pearls. This is about what I would wear if I was off to lunch with my sister. In fact, I pulled this outfit on to head to the cafe the other day to do some blogging. I would normally wear my heeled boots for this sort of occasion because there’s plenty of sitting to be done. It’s also the sort of outfit you could wear some crazy heels with. Same reason. The sitting.

To replicate this outfit is pretty darn simple. Start with coloured jeans, add a shirt and some shoes. Rock star your hair and make-up a little and you’re good to go. Some of my funkier friends would incorporate a stud or two I think. Studded boots or a cuff. Something that tell everyone how tough you are. Nee, how COOL you are.

Now about the jeans. You can get these babies anywhere at the moment. I’ve tried plenty and there are only two plus size brands I recommend. These by Autograph {more of a standard cut} and the red jeans by Virtu {a slimmer, more modern cut}. I tried three difference pairs of ASOS coloured jeans and couldn’t make them work. Last year I bought six pairs of jeans from them. Goodness knows what’s going on there.

Top – Autograph

Jeans – Autograph

Boots – Autograph

{All items purchased. Please refer to my disclosure policy}

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