The Queensland Plus-Size blogger get together has been covered, yes? Covered covered. And after this I have one more post to come featuring the gorgeous swimsuit I was given by the Capriosca Swimwear for this weekend. After all, you need swimmers for fun in the sun, yes? Too bad it was freezing. Haha. It is a mighty cute suit though so hang in there for that one. And stop rolling your eyes because you’re sick of me, I’ve got other posts planned for the weekend.

But still, after all these posts, you’re waiting on some outfit shots of what the ladies were wearing, am I right? Well folks, prepare yourselves, because here are the ones I grabbed from the ladies who lunched. Those that would stop chatting long enough to let me take their photo that is. If have any questions about where the items are from, please ask in the comments and hopefully the ladies will let you know.

Amanda of  Princess B Curvy


plus size blogger meet up australia-15

Olivia from Wait Until the Sunset

Olivia City Chic Outfit

Christine from

plus size blogger meet up australia-13

Emma from {the under construction} Geek Chic Girl

Emma - Hope + Harvest - Outfit.jpg

Tamara of TamCurvy

plus size blogger meet up australia-43

Err, that’s ME.

Rachael of Tonic Activa

plus size blogger meet up australia-12

Desiree of Madame Rouge Makeup

 Pretty awesome, right? Great job ladies. 


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