I was watching the Channel Ten news. I’m pretty sure it was the national news. It was about 5.40pm last night. And on the screen comes the announcement that women today are being too fussy. The Catolic church suggests settling down with Mr Good Enough before all the decent guys are gone. There’s a man drought, apparently.

Way to perpetuate the panic Mr Catholic church.

The program went on to discuss that most {generalising, yeah, probably} women felt their husbands were a fixer-uper type project anyway. Why not start with the man you are with? Why? Because if I’ve learnt anything about people in the years I’ve been on this planet, it’s that while people with grow and mature and want more for themselves, their core values rarely change.

Mr Good Enough may always be Mr Good Enough.

Now, I think I can see where they are going with this. I don’t think it’s ok to wait for a perfect person. I don’t think there are perfect people. There are perfect matches. Some days. Most days your relationship is going to take work. It can be a bit of a rude shock for people to find that they are lying next to someone who isn’t perfect. But that’s on you, not them.

I once broke up with a guy because he couldn’t remember my middle name! I’m thinking that is probably what Mr Catholic church was talking about. But seriously, that was a symptom of the relationship being bad, not the cause of the break up. Should I have kept him around because he had a job, ambition, was reasonably good looking and was mostly kind?

Knowing what I know now, no way. But there’s a fine line, I think. A line between wanting great things from your relationship and wanting an unobtainable fairytale.

Is it the Fairytale or Mr Good Enough for you?

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