Well well, Friday morning, hello my beautiful friend. Friday morning’s I leap out of bed. I just love the promise of Friday and of the impending weekend, of course. Weekend’s mean evenings out, dinners and time spent with family and friends. Bedtime is not a thing at all. And what do you wear for such occasions? A black knit mini dress of course!

I picked this one up from Target, it’s from the regular range and is only an 18 so it’s a little firm but I couldn’t resist the great knit pattern. I’ve been looking for one I love for a while and this one was on sale, so whatever! I’ve worn it over jeans with flat riding boots too and that’s a bit awesome, remind me to show you that outfit too one day. Until then, let’s do night out.

High bun essential. A bit of silvery bling and my bag from my Mum. This bag is one of the most adorable things ever. It’s covered in beads and holds my phone, cash and some makeup touch up stuff. What else does a girl need, right? Big bags of the week be gone. Weekends are all about the itty bitty clutch.

And that’s about all I have to say about that.

Dress – Target
Necklaces – Swapped & Op Shop
Tights – Avella
Wedges – Kmart
Bag – Unknown {gift from my Mother}

Have a great weekend folks. Got any plans?


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