I promised to show you how this knit dress looks over jeans with boots, right? Well here it is. It’s certainly different to the high bun and heels combo from a couple of weeks back. But still, that’s the best part about a knit dress and why I find them to be SO essential. A well fitting knit dress can take you from day to night with very little fuss and they’re just so darn good looking. You believe me right?

Also, imagine my surprise that while on the hunt to find the perfect black knit dress I found it in the standard range at Target. I’d searched high and low for this winter and the one before for a light weight knit, a good amount of stretch, decent line and coverage and an interesting knit pattern was going to be a bonus. Not to say Target doesn’t do great items, clearly I wouldn’t blog for them month after month if I thought badly of them, my surprise was that there it was just sitting there being all awesome and waiting for me on the sales rack. I love when that happens.

The short version of that is knit dresses; get one.

I find it really difficult sometimes to carry on a conversation in the car. I enjoy gazing out the windows and admiring all the beautiful scenery in this area. My area. More and more we get out and about and capture photos in these spots. I’m excited to share my home town with you all. I mean, there just aren’t that many places in the world where you can get this sort of diversity of environment and lifestyle.

Lifestyle. Ahhh. Easily my favourite part about living here. The trade-off to my non-high achiever life {still a little rubbed the wrong way by that comment obviously} is this beautiful life I have. Laid back, virtually stress free and filled with the beauty of nature. I joke about moving sometimes but I don’t mean it. I’d never stay gone for long. I love this place. I love my piece of the world. Where else but Queensland indeed. I mean look at it, it’s beautiful!

Knit Dress – Target
Necklace – Sportsgirl
Jeans – ASOS Curve
Boots – Autograph
Bag – Autograph

Do you love where you live? Yes!? Great, why?


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