My work style is pretty predictable. Dress, ankle boots. Top, skirt, ankle boots. Top, pants, ankle boots… You get the idea. There’s a lot of ankle boot action, something I credit to the sometimes desk job, sometimes work site nature of my current position. But let’s face it, I need steel caps on site anyway and I’d live in ankle boots either way.

Then along comes winter and I add the occasional jacket and a knit here or there. Especially since my air-con hates me and always manages to freeze me in winter and boil me in summer. It’s drunk, I swear. But drunk air con aside, I add a knit on those mornings that I leave our fireplace heated home and realise BEFORE I hit the car that it’s too cold for me. And this baby from my mates at 17 Sundays, as per, is perfection. Just look.

So what are you wearing to work at the moment? My office is medium level corporate, some days I might even get away with a dark wash denim if I’m lucky, so I find a nice balance between my weekend basics and my work wardrobe these days. They used to have to live separately. Like a couple who don’t have sex anymore. Cold and distant from separate corners of my wardrobe. Now they’re more functional, get it on more regularly.

Ha. Talk about a sidetrack. But my point, yes I had one, is that this knit and even the dress and boots, are just as at home in my weekend wardrobe as they are at work. It’s great when that happens, it can expand your wardrobe options no end and it means you don’t actually need as many clothing options. Which may be a downer for some of you, but it’s a plus for me.

Wearing 17 Sundays Ponte Bodycon (XL) and Head over Heels Knit (M) (gifted), Target Ankle Boots, Steve Madden Bag, Sunglasses from Big W & Belt from an old City Chic dress.  

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