This is the face of a SERIOUS blogger. Seriously.

It was a dark, late night in sunny Queensland and a new Mum sat at her computer as so many do. She reached out; not knowing who else was out there. She hoped for support and love from a community of people who understood. She was new to facebook and Instagram hadn’t been invented yet. So she searched, not knowing who she would find and not knowing how exactly to mother a 16 year old Japanese exchange student.

Haha. Got you! Clearly this blog didn’t happen exactly like that.

But you guys know that. This isn’t a blog like so many others. It’s a bit too weird for that. Well some say weird, I say unique, with a side order of weird. Get excited because I’m going to tell you all about this blog and it’s ‘journey’, thanks to the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers competition. It really was a dark, late night in sunny Queensland. I really was sitting at my computer. And I WAS a new Mum, but to a 16 year old Japanese girl. The rest, I made up. As you do.

What really happened was this Google nerd was playing around in Google apps when Blogger caught my attention. What the heck is a Blogger when it’s at home, I thought? Sounds like booger, I giggled. Even at 27 I was mature beyond my years. Bright orange and blue, it called to me. Click meeeeee. Click meeeee, it said.

So I clicked through and just like those kids stumbling through the closet into Narnia, I was taken to a world I had NO idea about. The things I knew in my every day life didn’t apply here. Blogging was ruled by middle aged women, with lots to say, kids to shuttle around and reasonably disposable incomes. Blog after blog I clicked on talking about child raising, crafting and home schooling. It didn’t fit with where I was in my life at that moment. I couldn’t even see HOW it could.

But boy was THAT about to change.

Soon I had a blog. And soon that blog had a post. Then I had readers. A few at first, then more and more. And bit by bit it became the place that I  could write and share. I wrote through everything. I wrote about life, love, miscarriage and trying to conceive, weight gain and weight loss, laziness and the clothes I wore. I gave advice and asked for even more. Stories flew out of me and memories were captured. Moments in time never important enough to capture before were left here. Like a marker in time. I wrote them all. I just kept writing. Just. Kept. Writing.

But my favourite part was when my blog became a community of people. You guys who cheer me on and up, visit often and became my friends. For you I get to be your cheerful, chatty friend. The one who’s real enough to spill their guts about what life is really like but who always has their eyes firmly focused on how great life is. It’s what I offer, my sacrifice for all the love and support I get. I give it willingly. Blogging is a community after all. If you’re not giving back, pretty soon you’re out on your butt. Deservedly so.

There was a times when I would hammer out a post, tears streaming down my face. Angry at life. Frustrated and alone surrounded by people. When my heart broke month after month after month after year. This blog and knowing that at any time I could reach out kept me afloat. I processed a lot about myself here. Learnt a lot of lessons by writing them out. Acknowledged the best and worst of myself. And in moments when I was about to hit publish on the worst of myself I cringed. Shying away from the horror of myself only to be told, that you’d been there too. That you understood. That YOU got it. You got me. We got each other.

I share victories too. Life’s wins and moments of gratitude. The love that I have for people and for my family and especially for my husband. You care about them too. I saw it in the faces of those that have met my Hubby or my sister. I feel the care and concern in your comments. You love them like I do, but from afar. They had infected. There’s something special about that. Unique to blogging, I think.

Then one day, like magic, it occurred to me that my blog works. For me and for the people stopping by to read. It’s the honesty, the reality and me that people visited for. You’ve told me. This was a lesson in self esteem. A reminder that as a person each one of us has something to offer. That we are unique, every one of us. A reminder that when we value ourselves other people value us too. Of course.

From the first day I opened this blog I began to find my feet as a person, a writer, a wife and a friend. But especially as a women. There is much for me to do yet. So much. But I’m proud of where I’ve been and where I’m going. I’m proud that my blog challenges people to think one day and makes them snort coffee out their nose the next. I am a big fat weirdo and I love every minute of it. You can’t get any more unique than that.



This is my entry into the Top 50 bloggers Competition. The judges set a challenge, post title and time frame to respond. My entry will be judged by a panel, their decision in conjunction with the votes will determine the Top 5. More information about the process here. Voting puts you in the draw to win $5,000 cash {transferred direct into your account, ka ching!}. Win win, don’t you think? You can vote for me in the Kispot Top 50 Bloggers here.

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