When I came up with the idea to run a series like this Khloe was top of my list when it came to styles I wanted to share. Mostly because her style is such a big contributor to my personal style {I blame Khloe for my obsession with boyfriend jeans} but because there’s a lot to be said for a woman with that sort of confidence in who she is. I know you will love it too {even if you’re not a Kardashian fan} because no matter what her size her style is one that anyone can replicate.

The Look.

Khloe’s look is all about casual cool, classic lines and fun, funky choices especially when it comes to a statement bag or shoe. Khloe has a sort of off duty, on duty look that is built around skinny jeans, statement heels, a button up  and blazer. A cute, fun style that I love! There’s a lot here for the plus size shopper looking to create a look for themselves. Classic lines, layered pieces and well-fitting clothing are such a great confidence boost. I know you’ll all find a place in your wardrobe for at least some of these tips.

  • Get some great fitting jeans. Worn dressed up or down a great pair of jeans is going to be essential for stealing Khloe’s style. You’ll be wearing them with heels or ankle boots so the slimmer the better. 
  • Embrace the button up. There is something really casually sexy about the button on worn casually and loose-fitting in all the right areas. Look for classic colours {even chambray} and then branch out to prints.
  • Add a statement shoe or bag. A lot of Khloe’s style is quiet understated, classic and then BAM, amazing shoes or bag. Use this trick in your own wardrobe to liven up what you already own.
  • Dress to make you happy. You don’t have to be a slave to fashion to look fashionable. Sometimes knowing what you like and wearing that can be much better than one hundred trends that don’t work for you at all. Find styles you love, enjoy wearing and look great on you and work them to death.
  • Love the bodycon dress. Enjoy the body you’ve got now by rocking out in a bodycon dress for everyday wear or a special occasion. Flaunt those curves in a stripy number or print or go with a solid colour for classic curvy girl style. Use them as layering pieces or wear them on their own.

Khloe Kardashian Style Her Style

The Shopping.

Now ladies, let’s shop! I’ve included some great jeans, jackets, shoes, boots and dresses. Any one of these items will amp up the sex appeal in your wardrobe and add some casual cool style. I personally have the blazer, stripe dress and grey jeans on my list for this year, after all my winter look is very much channelling Khloe. Oh what the heck, I’ll take one of everything!

Shopping Image - Steal Her Style

1. Distressed Jeans 2. Stripe Bodycon Dress 3. Embellished Blazer 4. Print Bodycon Dress 5. Grey Skinny Jeans 6. Ankle Boots 7. White Dress 8. Black Plunge Dress 9. Ankle Strap Heels



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