So I’ve been at the gym for a while now. We joined in March, I think. Now I’m not sure about you but it’s about this time that the focus and determination starts to give a little wobble. The goal becomes a little less clear, the effort a little less worth the results. It’s time to find that thing to keep you motivated until the second {or maybe third or fourth by now} wind comes along.

Motivation Board – It doesn’t matter if it’s on Pinterest or if it’s on your fridge, start building yourself a wall of images that inspire you. Nike has some good ones. And online there are thousands of images of fit people, motivational quotes and things to keep you going. For me finding positive role models has gone a long way to stamping out the negative voice in my head who only cares about skinny.

Get a buddy – My sister is my gym buddy, I joined to hang out with her. Last month we added my cousin. Not long after that we made some gym friends at the party where I won a $1,000. What this means is I have a support network that count on me to go. Push and prod me when I don’t feel like it. Push me when I need it.

If you don’t know anyone who will go with you {someone who bails all the time can be VERY de-motivational} then ask at your gym. Is there someone who comes on their own they think would like a friend? Or introduce yourself on the treadmill. Just for goodness sake don’t talk to th iPod people with serious and rather stern faces. Unless, that’s your kind of thing.

Find an expert – My brother is a qualified personal trainer and sport massage type person. So if I have questions I ask him. If we get stuck or are struggling with how to get to the next level, I ask him. For you, you may want to pay for a trainer {we have, my cousin still does} OR it can be just as easy as blog hopping, commenting on a Facebook page or tweeting someone who you admire in the fitness stakes. Social media are a resource, people are building community, ask them your questions.

See the results – The hardest part about staying motivated is when you feel like results just aren’t showing up. I’ve been there. And my sister is in this space at the moment. It madness to everyone around you as you tone up and look fabulous, but your eyes just don’t see. So it’s time to make them.

So if your regime has gone a little off the boiler, or perhaps you haven’t been seeing the results you had hoped for, I hope these things will bring you back on track. I also hope when my time comes again that this list will serve as a reminder to me. A reminder to do the things I know to do.

A reminder to try again tomorrow.

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