This dress was THE first thing I purchased from ASOS Curve quite some time ago. It’s a royal, yet sort of navy, blue with a sheer top layer and solid under layer. And this dress it will take a girl just about anywhere. I’ve worn it shopping, out to lunch and to dinner, I’ve worn it to parties and I’ve worn it around my house. It’s just one of those easy breezy type things and even though it’s a two sizes too big now, I keep it. Well you can see why, I love it!  You got that from the very descriptive start to this post right? Haha.

Most of the time I wear it with tan accessories. A tan belt {it needs it, there is an elastic waist but it’s not that attractive} and shoes, either flats or sandles. To a birthday party last year I wore it with black accessories and it was really simple and chic, if I do say so myself. I didn’t really ‘fashion blog’ then so there’s no photos of it. It seems so weird to me that now basically every {cool} outfit I’ve worn in the past 6 months has been documented. If this situation happened in another six months time, I’d be all over that! Random thought, I know.

Annnnnyway, the point of that WHOLE paragraph above was actually to say that today I wore the dress with gold. On the weekend I borrowed a couple of belts from Liv. Hubby and I had gone down for lunch with soon to be Mr & Mrs Wait Until The Sunset. Liv and I spent a decent portion of our time there just hanging out {me sculling wine apparently, you can’t take me anywhere} in her wardrobe room. The boys BBQ’ed and chatted over lager. But back to the clothes, that girl has THE BEST wardrobe packed to the brim with everything a curvy girl could or would ever need. I love it there. Almost as much as I love visiting Liv. Ben’s ok too. Haha.

For now. Here’s the pics! Enjoy.

plus size asos midi dress with belt 001

plus size asos midi dress with belt 002

plus size asos midi dress with belt 004

plus size asos midi dress with belt 007

Dress – ASOS Curve
Belt – Borrowed from Liv
Shoes – Rubi Shoes {swapped & are a little small for me}

plus size asos midi dress with belt 005

plus size asos midi dress with belt 006

Do you take many photos of yourself? If not, why not?

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