Sometimes you have to step back to see things clearly. Sometimes it takes a step forwards.

Sometimes life gets full and busy and complicated.  But you shouldn’t forget what’s important. 

Sometimes all you need to do is let you hair down and party like an 18 year old. 

Sometimes saying that there’s a problem, that you’re not happy is all it takes. 

Sometimes a big pash has the same effect. Or a bear hug where a pash isn’t appropriate. 

Sometimes it pays to keep your head down and bum up. Working hard doing your thing. 

Sometimes it’s important to welcome people into your arms, your home and your life. 

And other times locking the door, curling up under a blanket and eating soap {*errr, soup! obviously} is what it takes. 

Sometimes people are just talking smack because they have a mouth and want to use it. 

But most times it pays to keep life simple.

Love, laughter and good food. That’s my simple.

What’s your simple?


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