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I was super prepared for my weekend away in Mackay. I had blog posts scheduled, updates ready to go {occasional, I thought I’d share more of my adventures} and content was just like FALLING out of me. I was ready for Kate’s 30th. I would be representing team blogger. I was ready. Then there was a massive car accident on the highway and it took me 5 hours to drive to Brisbane and get on another flight before finally arriving at Kate’s home 9 hours after leaving mine. Ick.

That was Friday night. A moderately big night was had, kicked off with some generous QANTAS wine service and the next morning I had a great few hours hanging out with my cousin Casey and her daughter {even stopping in to see one of my other cousins Mark!} before heading back to casa-del-stanton for THE party. It was relatively quiet when I arrived, the air-con was on and some of the kids were resting up.

Quiet before the storm indeed. This was to be one heck of a backyard party. Bigger and better than any I’d seen before. Until it all got blurry that is. Haha.

Drink with the boys she said. It’ll be fun she said. She being me in this situation. 12 hours later I was finally dragging my exhausted butt to bed, tired and already regretting flying home later that day. Should have taken Monday off. Should I gone to bed earlier. Make better choices Suger. Shit. Short version. Haha. When I woke two hours later to the hustle bustle of the household, Kate was looking ridiculously well. Nice one Mumma, nice one.

And thank you for not making me go to the beach. And now, some photos! 

kate's 30th birthday mackay-14 kate's 30th birthday mackay-15 kate's 30th birthday mackay-20 kate's 30th birthday mackay-22 kate's 30th birthday mackay-31 kate's 30th birthday mackay-45 kate's 30th birthday mackay-52 kate's 30th birthday mackay-56 kate's 30th birthday mackay-57 kate's 30th birthday mackay-58

Happy 30th {for tomorrow} lady!

Thanks for having me. x

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