There are a lot of people out there who like to tell me what to do. Online. In person. Via my Mum or other relatives. And sent directly to my inbox. This is not a complaint, I have always welcomed input and ideas and thoughts and suggestions. For my blog, my health, my life… Everything. The thing that strikes me as difficult is that often the advice is not actually helpful constructive type advice.

There is one category of advice. One that gets shared around a lot. One that when you are hurtling towards your 4th year of trying to have a baby comes out a lot. in fact the whole situation brings out the advice givers. Mostly welcomed. Experience is something I would much rather gather from others. It’s the advice from those that accidentally fell pregnant with their 8 kids that I find hard to take {That sounds ungrateful, I know. I can be horrible sometimes}. The most common of advice is the just relax category {see, I bring us around to the point sooner or later}.

Relax!? How does one relax? Is there a specific way to relax? You see I heeded this advice a couple of years ago. And again last year. I sleep 8 hours a night {now}. I read and take long serene dips in the tub. I quit a high pressure job when I had bulk cash in savings to swan around lunching and fiddling with mine and others blogs. Any more relaxed I’d be dead. Just saying! But if you’ve got any other ideas, hit me with them.

Just now it occurred to me, while I encourage conversation about ‘stuff’ I’ve usually already made up my mind or decided for myself by the time I ask. What I am really looking for, in a lot of ways, is the opportunity to tell them what I’ve decided. Have them agree with me. Pat me on the head and smile at me. So maybe the advice to just relax is relevant. Maybe, when it comes to taking advice or seeking out others opinions, I need to relax. But for goodness sake, don’t tell them I said that.

Still with me? Phew, that’s why I call this category random ramblings.

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