Just days, literally, after I caved and FINALLY bought myself the stripe Virtu blazer I was wandering past the doors of my local Autograph store on my way to grab some food court lunch. Oh hey, I thought to myself in the eloquent way I do, new stuff. With a recently cleared cheque itching at my wallet, I went in. There on display was a picture of Spring fashion perfection—a thing of beauty. Just about the most perfect shade of peachy pink, there is. Almost coral, but more subtle. You know it was wonderful because I didn’t even look at the neighbouring stripy items.

So I pulled the 22 off the rack. Come to Mumma, I said. I’ll just try it on, see if it fits. If I like the cut, I thought. I really don’t need a sixth blazer right now. I live in Queensland after all. It’s about to get hot in here. Well, around here. I took a quick look in the mirror and was disappointed to see the shape did nothing for me. Oh no. Sad face. So I shook it off my shoulders and went about hanging it back up.


Sad face. Brave face.


What size do you have there, Melissa? said the nice Autograph lady. It looked way too big on you. Try a size smaller or two. Hope flickered in my mind. Could this, would this be it!? Would she be right… Maybe. So I grabbed the 20, and it didn’t work either, she handed me the 18. As it slid onto my shoulders, I knew I was about to own 6 blazers—pink, blue, orange, black, striped and peachy pinky lovely. Note to self, not always a 22 these days. The nice Autograph lady and I both smiled. The Spring shop was on. I knew it, she knew it.

And that’s how I came to own a billion blazers and be wearing this one with a spotted blouse and denim mini, prancing about on the grass near a cow paddock. Wasn’t that a lovely story. The stuff dreams are made of really—peachy pink coloured dreams. Thoughts of spring and sunshine and chilly afternoons spent relaxing with a glass of wine while the cool breeze is kept at bay: peachy pink dreams, ladies, peachy pink.


Blazer – Autograph
Top – Lily & Lou for Best & Less
Skirt – Lily & Lou for Best & Less
Wedges – KMart

{some brand associations exist, please refer to disclosure policy}

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