I’m not sure what it is I want to say any more. I think it could just be this time of year. I’m tired. Exhausted from a year of ups and downs, successes and failures. Like anyone I suppose. There is something about this time of year that has you reassess your goals, your dreams and make different plans. It’s time to take a bit of a break and work out just what it is I want to say.

In my iPad case, I found this blogger manifesto made by Kelly and handed out at ProBlogger. It reminded me that one-night ages ago I just got started. I waded into the world of blogs and was amazed by what I found. The honesty, the real-life beauty, the excitement of the bloggers to be involved in the forefront of things. For whatever reasons, I don’t feel that way any more.

I’m sure people will have different theories on why that is. I have a few myself. In a lot of ways, I miss my blog about nothing. I’m not complaining. In fact, there is nothing worse than a blog complaining about blogging or blog opportunities. I am stepping back. I’m working out what the purpose of this blog will be. I want to read some new blogs, visit old friends, I want to have coffee and chat and I want to feel like it did.


Is going back in time so much to ask for?!

It is, isn’t it?

And a wee bit unreasonable.


Not to mention a bit sad like one of those people who can’t let go of this time when their life was great and how everything since has been a bit vanilla, blah boring. Oh, wait. I think that’s it! I miss being interested in my own blog. I love the outfits, but I feel like I boxed myself into a schedule and wore myself out. Time to relax a little. Time to back the heck off. Time to reveal in some blog awesome.

If you write a blog, let me know in the comments. Or better yet, if you know of a great blog here or overseas that I might not have read, please let me know about it. I want to unearth those hidden gems filled with joy and beauty and love for what we do. I want to bask in their version of things until I remember where I left mine.

Hit me with them, best-kept-secret blogs. It can be yours.



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