With my head pounding {post birthday sugar hangover people} I climb into the driver seat. Resisting the urge to drop off to sleep in the embrace of the bucket seat, I flip on some music. It’s too loud for my headache but I don’t care. The bass starts to pound as I check the mirrors and reverse. Exhaling loudly, I feel better immediately. It’s time, to drive.

Stamping my foot on the pedal the car picks up and soon my house is forgotten. Music plays and the engine responds willingly to my foot on the pedal. My reflexes respond, doing what years of driving have taught them to do. Eyes sharp, hands wrapped around the wheel. My mind wanders. Should. Shouldn’t. Have. Haven’t. Adele’s Rumours starts and I think about rumours. I think about people. I smile, sometimes.

Then there’s some open, winding road and my attention turns to driving again. As the car gathers speed and the corners come faster and closer together my head is clear. Vacant. Concentrating is my only focus. Brake, gears. Slow controlled movements and reflexes on the edge. Despite the music all I can hear is the beat of my heart. Soon the speed limit drops and the car and I return to the designated pace.

The beat of the music pounds. I exhale and for this moment. Everything is ok. I just like to drive.

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