I sit here. This Friday night. Having a few drinks but still being drawn to the world of blogs and twitter and facebook. I am drawn to the updates. I am waiting for news. From the vivacious Lori, for news of her husbands condition. I watch the post over at Danimezza’s place where she proudly shows us her new swimmers. Unedited. And then I visit Miss Ruby where she has been hit with a barage of negativity and nastiness that she feels it is necassary to unpublish almost her entire blog.
And it gets me thinking… 
For all the support I see for bloggers. Where did it go when it came to Miss Ruby’s post? The support we are so proud to be a part of can quickly turn into agressive, negative comments. And I wonder about that. When a blogger expresses themselves. Bares their sole. What right do YOU have to attack them? Just because thier view is different to yours, who says you are right. Correct. Or whatever..!?
And yes, I know there are some of you that feel totally justified saying your bit and making your point. But have you ever put yourself in someone else’s shoes. Even for a minute. There is a real person behind that blog. A person who took the time to share themselves with you. So before you hit publish on your comment you should be pretty damn sure it is worth injuring another person to send it.
This is real remember.
And Suger Coat It has never really been a place of controversy. But then, neither is my life. I am pretty live and let live about most things. I don’t believe in trying to convert others to my thinking. I believe that we all lead by example by living our best life.
So what say you? Do you think the right to respond is more important than treating each other with respect? Have you ever posted a comment or post that you were ashamed of later? I’d be interested to know.  
*This post is blogged on a computer without spell check. I know. Like the dark ages, right!? Sorry about that. I never claimed to be able to spell.
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