I hope you’ll take our survey. One lucky person who completes it {and emails me or leaves a comment to say it’s done} will win a prize pack! I’ll close entries after I get back from Blogopolis. Don’t panic, it’s not a painful and long survey. It’s ten questions. ALL multiple choice. Help me out focusing my plans for the next 6 months or so.

Today is the last day to send me an email for the What to Wear Where styled by Suger July post. I’ve received some great ones so far and am a bit excited to try my ‘styling’ hat on someone else. I know Nat is loving her coat and has even had the opportunity to wear it once. Remarkable given that she lives in north Queensland.

And finally, this Friday will mark the final Friends of Suger post. While people have enjoyed visiting it I have found interaction to be really low in the past month comments and visits to the other blogger wise. It’s ok. These things run their course. I want to thank you for your support and hope that it’s something that you enjoyed while it lasted. I know I did. I loved seeing such a diverse range of women. We never did get a man. Oh well.

So that’s all the notes. Enjoy your Monday lovelies! And let’s just take a moment to admire my sister {post hockey game} and her bf Matt as they photo bomb my new photo location. Posers. The pair of them. you have no idea how many photos I have of them turning it on for the camera. Ha. See what I mean about people just ‘getting you’…!?

Over and out. 

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