Last week I picked up some weekly rentals. I got Julie/Julia Project, of course. I love that movie. Amy Adams is adorable. I LOVE blogging and blogs. And I love French cooking. Food, in general. It’s like a perfect storm of wonderful. The Hubby in it is a bit cute too. That helps. But this isn’t a film review, you guys have probably all seen it anyway. You have seen it, right? Anyway the point of this is that sometimes we can’t see the forest for the trees. Sometimes, I think, we are too caught up in where we are to see how far we have come and how close we are to the finish.

And by we, I mean I.

I stopped doing my thirty in thirty list, did you notice? I just found it all boiled down to my Hubby, my family and all the wonderful experiences could be wrapped up in one, my life has rocked type post. That’s it. The rest seemed a little long winded and redundant. I hope you don’t mind. The intention after all was to acknowledge all the wonderful things. And there it is. Acknowledged.

The thing I love about the movie is when all the crying is happening, all the forcing of something is happening. Then it all falls apart. He leaves, she almost gives up. Then in a final quarter fitting of the grand finals,  they rally, closer than ever and one small twist of fate pushes her over the line. The crowd goes wild. Victory. All prayers answered, all goals achieved. And this all runs alongside of Julia’s story which runs the same path in a lot of ways.

Maybe it’s the sentimental in me. Maybe it’s just me looking for signs. But I really feel like this is my forest. This is the time where the cracks show and you just feel so far from the end. Everything feels difficult and nothing works. This is my forest. I can see for all the gosh darn, fecking trees. Do you know how I know? Well there was the moving away from my Hubby. Not literally but there was space there. Bickering. Distance. That my guide to knowing things are not right. That’s just not how we roll.

So with that red flag warning sign firmly in the air, I know that this is the moment to do something drastic. It’s my wake up call. It’s time to be in action and this too will pass. I pull my man closer. Wrap myself around him and don’t let go. I sit down and write because that’s what I do best when it comes down to it. I take the time to do my hair, tend to my make-up. I lavish myself with attention, finish tasks that were waiting to be finished. I tidy up. My life, my house, my affairs.

And then I make a Sunday morning date with my Hubby and I will eat perfectly poached eggs on wholegrain toast. There will be dappled light of nearby trees and hot coffee. Maybe even a walk in the park or a sift through a junk store or two. I’m going to take the time to hold his hand. Appreciate all I have. In him and in life. I’ll probably even have a little too much butter.

What would Julie/ Julia do indeed.

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