This week’s Friend of Suger is one seriously CRAP Mamma, a crappity crap mumma. By her own admission. I think she’s not. I’ve seen her, but heck, each to their own. Haha. Jac is one of the loveliest ladies you’ll meet in this blogging caper. My first impressions of Jac were how beautiful she is, how laid back and how friendly. In a room of virtual strangers she was warm and fun. You just can’t fake that. Neither can you fake that classic chic type style. Jac has it, no matter how hard she protests to the contrary. Check it out.

When it comes to style and fashion, I consider myself a bit of a numpty. Most of the time I haven’t a clue as to what goes with what and what you shouldn’t put with stuff. Hell, I only recently learnt the whole ‘red and green should never be seen’ saying which frankly stumps me considering there’s plenty of trees out there with green leaves and red flowers that look alright together…….buuut I guess I’m not a tree so I’ll continue to avoid wearing those colours together………………like I said – numpty!

Anyhoo, when it comes to my style, simple and practical is probably the description that best suits me. I like plain tees (usually the fitted ones from Giordano) with my fave pair of blue jeans and a leather pair of boots… My favourite jeans are a dark blue pair of Ryders that I snavelled from the Melbourne markets a few years ago and I often layer a couple of different coloured Giordano shirts depending on my mood. I have about 8 different colours so I can mix and match. I tend to wear a lot of blues, greens and yellows, mostly because those colours make me happy.

Summer is my absolute favourite season. I just love being able to wear shorts and a tee-shirt or even better – throwing on a sun-dress that doesn’t need ironing…. I’m an ex Sunshine Coast girl so I feel at home in short, summery dresses – sadly I don’t have the boobs to fill the tops but I’m okay with that. So that’s me, simple and somewhat practical. Most of the time I leave the house with wet hair, no make-up and I put my lip gloss on in the car. I’m far from stylish – except on a very odd occasion when I’m overcome by a ‘fashionable moment’ – but those moments are few and far between …….and I’m okay with that because that’s just me – I like to keep it simple…

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