Would you believe when it comes to all my outfits with the bodycon, sheer, high heels assisted by all the makeup and hair product, primping and preening that THIS is my Hubby’s current favourite outfit on me? This! Seriously. It’s a hoodie with shorts and sneakers. Virtually no makeup and a ponytail. Seriously, men confuse me. Not that I blame him, the hoodie is snuggly and the shorts are short’ish but I would’ve picked something a little hotter myself. Haha.

It’s funny how often as women we are told to do this and do that to attract a man, keep a man and all that. Then it turns out that it’s all bull. Sure care about your appearance and take care of yourself but not for anyone else’s sake. Do it because it’s fun, you’re worth taking time over and you want to.

The right guy, well he’d rather you in a hoodie anyway, apparently.

This lazy Sunday, rainy afternoon we were out driving around looking for something to do. Hubby doesn’t do so well when it comes to the whole being cooped up in the house thing. I snapped pictures, he drove, we drank coffee and chatted about possible photo locations. We pulled over at this car park, noting the pink and yellow flowers from previous weeks were long gone.

I should take a photo of you in this, said Hubby. I scrunched up my face and told him that it wasn’t really what people want to see. Remember the flip-flops thing, I said? People don’t like casual. Who cares, I love this one, it’s my favourite he said. And how could I argue with that? Because long after this blog dies a natural death {or is handed over to my mini geek niece} he’ll still be there. The right guys, they always are.

Hoodie – Virtu {ON SALE NOW!}
Shorts – Avella for BigW
Sneakers – Converse


And now we box! Because that’s what you do in hoodies, right?


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