When I saw this dress, laying on the floor at the clothes swap, I thought to myself, well that looks like something I need in my life. Yellow, full skirt, button up… Yellow. I was distracted for a short while by all the shiny things but ultimately I made my way back to it. Slipped it over my head and hey presto. We belonged together. When I first put this outfit together in my head, I imagined it with my stripe blazer. But seriously, it’s Summer here so I have to retire the blazer sometime. But let me tell you I was tempted.

There’s something about this dress that works with my wardrobe. The colour is like nothing I own. Same for the shape. And yet, it works. Maybe because it could work so perfectly with a blazer {and we all know I have plenty of those!}. Maybe because it looks best paired with black. Maybe because sometimes every girl needs to leave the pencil skirt at home and wear a dress with a full skirt to twirl in. Who knows. But for whatever reason, this dress has fit in like no ones business.

Since we last took photos at this spot, we noticed that more graffiti is covering the commission graffiti wall. It’s annoying how people can be so freaking stupid. This wall, commission by the council is an opportunity for artists to display their work and some jerks with a spray can tag go and ruin it. Frustrating. The grey spots are covered tags. Hate that.

But. It still makes for a heck of a location. Bright, excellent light. Hubby considers himself quite skilled at the location scouting these days and when he saw me dressed for our evening out {which turned into a drive around and home for dinner} he knew this would be the place. He was right, but let’s not tell him this time. Since our date was cut short because we are both lame ass old people now {apparently} it seemed like a great idea. Especially when I made hubby pose in front of the wall for the test shots to get all the settings right. There’s a cute as heck photo of him at the end. Enjoy. It turns out, in the end we did just that. Enjoyed ourselves that is.

Dinner out would’ve been nice too.

Just sayin.

Dress – ASOS Curve {swapped}
Belt – From another dress
Necklaces – Collette Dinnigan for Lovisa
Wedges – KMart

{no brand associations currently apply}

And now, as promised, here’s Hubby doing his best fashion blogger pose and pouty face. Oh wait. That’s just his I’m not very impressed with this as detour face. Or maybe it’s his so this isn’t really the date I was expecting face? Or his, dude, I’ve got this photographer thing all wrapped up, I don’t need you showing how it’s done any more face? Whatever it is. Here it is.

Well what do you think about THAT!?

Yeah, I thought so too…!

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