{Weight Watchers provided me with 6 months membership to their Weight Watchers Unlimited program for editorial consideration as per my disclosure policy}

I was nervous before I attended my first Weight Watchers meeting. I had visions of walking in the door, being stripped back to my crop top and leggings and being weighed in front of the room. The spotlight would be on me and I would break down under the pressure of the situation. Crying in public. Big ugly crying. Apparently my imagination thought this was an episode of the biggest loser. To be honest, I was a little bit keen about the crop top bit, I finally found some I like and I look HOT in them. But anyway, moving on.

Even after I did arrive I imaged the lovely lady whose task it was to weigh me in would at any stage call out my name and weight across the room to another willing and able volunteer {Are they volunteers or paid??}. Something like Marg, write this down would you, Melissa W. H. weighs in at {insert large number here}, can you write that down love. Cue embarrassment and much oohing and ahing over my rather substantial weight. I would shrink into the corner, rocking quietly saying to myself, I am not a number.  I am NOT a number…

Best of all it turns out that the meeting themselves weren’t anything like I imagined they would be either. No standing in my place, introducing myself with something along the lines of Hi, I’m Melissa and I love full fat milk and too much butter on fresh bread. I imagined being requested to open up about my feelings and share my journey in excruciating detail. Perhaps, even, while wearing a big sign on my chest that had my weight, height and daily ProPoints allowance on it. Turns out, it’s just a bunch of chatting about what works and what doesn’t around a theme. Easy peasy.

Fortunately none of this happened. And now I’ve been to two meetings. I waited to report this to make sure it wasn’t a fluke. So rest assured my fellow over imaginers, there is nothing but discretion and lovely smiley people at these meetings. Phew. Now my mind can get back to imagining the many and varied ways the world could end by Friday. Thank goodness!

 Week one done and dusted. 
2.7kg lost. 
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