Part of the new advertiser options is the option to be included in monthly sponsor introduction. Taa daaah. Hand approved and welcomed on board by me. Be prepared to meet some cool blogs or brands or products. Maybe you’ve seen them around? I hope you’ll pop over and check them out. Please welcome to the sponsor Suger crowd;

T for Tabitha

T for Tabitha is the personal blog of Tabitha. A Gold Coast girl with a love of fashion and home decor and I dare say she might be developing a crush on wedding, errrr, stuff sooner rather than later with an impending wedding on the cards. You might recognise her from her Friends of Suger – Your Style. For more of her style, in life, in love and in living, pop over and visit Tabitha.

Cuppity Cups

I received an email from Cuppity Cups and couldn’t help but think, OMG, what a cool idea! I’ve had Arleigh squeeze a popper over me in the supermarket. What a magnificent idea! And this cute little holder collapses so it will squish in anywhere. Pop over and check them out.

Sheri Bomb

Sheri is a bundle of cool, packed with energy and loaded with words that will make you laugh, smile, maybe cry and mostly go, oh cool! A blog about all things Rockabilly, Kustom Kulture and Pin Up. Add a dash of tattoo’s, music and hot rods and you’re just about there. But no where near it at the same time. Check out Sheri living large over at Sheri Bomb.

Thank you to our May sponsors. We wish you great success in the upcoming months. This one in particular. And if you are interested in securing an ad spot for yourself, please email me. For basic information visit our advertiser information page.

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