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Okay ladies and the gentleman types introducing Fashion Lane, an online SALE destination. Fashion Lane, meet the team. And yes, you read that correctly. An online SALE destination. Like a Pinterest board of awesome. Oh man, I wish my Pinterest board magically turned into a shopping cart… Sigh. Dream on. But that’s what Fashion Lane does, they curate sales from across the interwebs and serve them up for you on their site.

Because sales. 


So the team asked me to let you fine folks know about them so you could check them out next time you had shopping to do and money you wanted to save. That’s often right? I’ve met you, I know how this works. Haha. Say you were looking for the perfect pair of summer sandals, you could visit any number of sites across the interwebs, seek out the best deal and buy them. Good. That’s fine, BUT what if you could do all the searching, skipping around and sales comparisons in the one place?

You totally can. Thanks Fashion Lane.

And say you’ve been looking and the price is still a little out of reach for you? There’s a price alert. I used something similar when I was buying the billion pairs of sunglasses I did over the holidays. You sign up, they send an alert when the item you are interested in gets discounted (or my case, restocked). Easy peasy.

Fashion Lane - Online Sale Destination - Blogger Review | Suger Coat It

When I spoke to the team, they told me that originally they had planned to just share a collection of the best web based fashions. In reality, the curation based on discount and “Today’s Sale” came later. The team had added links to sales at online providers and people went made for them. Do I have to say it again, hello sales, people love the sales, right? Haha. I love a good made good on the internet story, it goes to show business owner types, you really need to be flexible on such things as your core business.

So there you go team. Check out Fashion Lane, enjoy a shop for me and let me know how you go. 

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