I’m pretty scary. Trust me. People in my office have told me so. Many people over the course of my life have told me so. I’m intimidating. Luckily, these days it’s when I want to invoke that impression. I have some control. The other day there were two teenagers having a domestic in a bus shelter. Lots of screaming, sobs and arms waving. We ignored it in our office for a short time but when {from across the intersection through our closed office doors} we could still hear them, I went out.

And I was scary.


But calm and stern.

I like to imagine that one day that voice, the face, will work perfectly with unruly teenagers of my own. I told them to stop carrying on or I would call the police. I told them to have some respect for themselves and those around them. Many commuters had moved away from the area not wanting to get caught up in a physical altercation. He sneered at me and said, call them, whatever, I don’t care. Right! I said, turning on my heel, consider it done.

So I stalked back into my office and dialled the direct dial number {hello, property manager people, I have the police station on speed dial}. An officer was on the road nearby so the car swung by soon after. Their proximity to the area helped bundles. My threats to drag these kids up there myself might have also assisted. Haha.

The situation over and done with a new colleague said ‘I wouldn’t want to mess with you, you’re terrifying’ and she’s right. You should absolutely not mess with me. I’m a scary, straight talking, big-mouthed person. But I’m not that too. I’m proud to say that on the most part, scary is a gear I shift into when I need to control a situation rather than who I am for people. Who I am for people is much more snuggly and warm. Thank goodness.

Are you scary or is it just me? Describe yourself in 3 words?

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