I have one rule for myself when it comes to accepting paid insertions and sponsors on this blog. If I wouldn’t be happy to recommend them to my family and I won’t do it. I trust that you, my readers understand that. If I make a mistake, I’ll admit it. If I’m out of line, call me on it. But don’t ever question my ability to monitor my own behaviour and level of integrity.

Not that you have. I’m just saying.

I actually think too much gets made of this whole issue. Transparency of paid posts and mentions etc. I think a blogger who sets up a blog for the sole purpose of selling things to readers would be better off setting up an eBay shop. Simply put, real is what matters here. In this world, you won’t be given much time if you’re not honest, real and genuine. You’ll be found out and unearthed sooner or later. Probably named and shamed.

It’s a given that people should be told if you have received money for a post. I also think that you should mention if you’ve received items for free. But let me be very clear to whomever is out there that the product or brand would not be here if I wouldn’t happily promote the same thing for free. These days, I choose not to, that’s all. Sometimes I do and people assume it’s paid content.

Genuine is the crux I think. Do I genuinely shop with the brands I work with on this blog. YES. Absolutely. Do I investigate the products and brands to the best of my ability with the information available at the time, for sure. Am I the first to discuss if there is an issue. You bet on it. I am an open book because I charge people money for space on here. I have to be open.

What say you Sugers?

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