In Winter I favour dense, heavy food. it’s the weather. I eat heavy but surprisingly, I never get heavy. Heavier anyway. I maintain weight really well in winter. I guess it’s the extra energy needed to keep warm. Think about it, in a cooler climate perhaps I could be a supermodel? I can see it now… I have the height. Too bad about the hair.

But in all seriousness, I find in winter all I want are heavy soups and stews, roast meals and risotto {made a little too easy by the Thermomix thank you very much!}. Maybe I don’t eat as much. Maybe it’s a fluke. Or maybe they should put me on A Current Affair because I’ve solved the weight maintenance problems of the world.

Wait. Does the world have weight maintenance problems or only weight loss ones? I suppose all weight gain would be cured by curing weight maintenance issues… Soooo. Well, I don’t know any more. Let’s just say I’m an accidental expert shall we? It’ll make me feel a teensy bit special. I appreciate it.

Speaking of all this, I realised this week that I had allowed myself to slip back into a fad diet of sorts. I’d limited the types of food I was eating. How often and how much {not related to being sugar-free, I’ll always be sugar-free}. And then it occurred to me, this is ridiculous. I’m going to eat healthy, work out and let my body get all the goodness it wants or needs. The rest is a bullshit quick fix attempt.

It feels like stepping off a merry-g0-round to be honest. If feels like a massive get stuffed to decades of programming. The only way back from where I am is whole foods, exercise and clean living. Enjoying the great things in life in the meantime. It turns out that includes working out these days. I love it. I can see my shape changing. I’m fitter, stronger and happier.

I run at 9km on the treadmill now. I’m back in training. Looking forward to knocking out 5km again sometime soon. Perhaps if my gym gets their air-con fixed. It’s so HOT in there. Like that Bikram {sp?} yoga thing. We work out in a sort of heated environment sweating from the warm up to cool down. Did you know I still have TWO broken treadmills in my living room? It’s like the place where treadmills go to die.

Hmmm. Well this post didn’t quite end up as I’d thought it would. Never mind. Such is life. Bring it on! Ready or not, here I come.

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