The other day I went to gym in the morning with my cousin. I went about my day, went to a client meeting or two after work and then went home. Tried and a little bit wobbly from my bigger better gym and pool routine. I lay my phone down next to me and the bugger must have finally got some reception because it beep beeped through about 6 messages. Damn it. It turns out, I’d forgotten I was going to the gym with my sister in the afternoon too. So half an hour after I was supposed to arrive I was pulling on my sneakers and heading to the gym.

My sister was getting a new program so was hard at work with a trainer when I got there. I loitered near the machines as they filled me in on her new program. They asked if I was going to do anything and I said, nah, probably not. Instead I giggled at her 24 week pregnant self as she went through her exercises. My favourite was the cool down on the mats where my normally coordinated sister was wobbling all over the shop. Apparently that nephew of mine is starting to get in the way now. We laughed the hardest as she attempted side sit ups. For me just one thing came to mind.

One, tubby tubby.

TWO, tubby tubby.

You know, from the movie Major Pain?

I gleefully taunted her in what can only be described as a perfect circle of life. I got the chance to return the favour from my first weeks at the gym, when she found it super funny to do the same thing to me. She was right. It’s super fun. Laying on my belly and throwing off big hearty chuckles, I was in my happy place. Soon she was done. I lay on the floor, in my pristine non-sweaty condition, continuing to run a commentary on my her work out when I finally got that look. THE LOOK. The one siblings save especially for one another that says YOU are on that line… Teetering close to overstepping. She was going to bash me. I knew it.

So I stopped the digs and the one tubby tubbies and we both hopped on the treadmill to cool down {warm up?}. We chatted and chuckled some more, she made me turn my incline up as punishment. I didn’t mind. 15 minutes up a hill isn’t going to kill me. I love my sister and I love her sense of humour. I’m glad we get to hang out as much as we do. One day, I picture her and I hanging out, retired with our grandkids, just like our Mum and her sister. So yes, my sister, she’s the best… Wait… The second best sister in the world.

Clearly, I’m number one.

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