Well, this month has been SOMETHING. Sick, toothache, tonsillitis, and a to-do list that was crushing me. If you’re in the vicinity, you would have heard about it. I hate being sick, it’s such a waste of good time and energy. Yes, it happens because I let myself get run down, skip that dentist appointment, etc etc.

BUT, it doesn’t mean I have to be happy about it.

Complaining is top of my list when I’m sick, second only to a bunch of laying around sniffling. Not one to skip a meal when I’m sick I gravitate towards broths and won ton soups, salty chips and warm gravy, or comfort in the shape of a macaroni. But you know the problem with THAT strategy? You can’t taste a G.D. thing!


Tis the season though, right? That said I can’t help but flashback to the days when I was pretty hardcore with my green juices and how I can’t recall ever really getting sick. It makes me wonder what I did to bring this plague on my head. Then I remember, wine and pizza are sometimes foods and well, around here, it’s been a little bit more regular than that.

Self-inflicted? Neveeeer. 

In the end, when the haze lifts and the last tissue has been put in the bin, I find myself somewhere else entirely. I’m grateful for my health. For generally, typically, feeling well and being well. It’s a gift that is denied plenty of much less ‘complainy’ people. I won’t forget that. I’m grateful for my health, it’s nice to have it back so easily. I’ll try to remember that next time I’m grouching into my tea.

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