On our way home tonight, we dropped by the JC Hotel on the way home. Locals will know which one I’m talking about. JC are it’s initials, hint hint. We pulled into the bottle shop drive-thru. There was no one there. We called out. There was no one there. I’ll get out. I said. And still, there was no one there. 
Geez Louise. I called to Hubby. Customer service much! 
I put my drinks on the counter and looked around. Still, no one there. Scan them, Hubby called from the car. I think he was joking, but I did. Up popped $20 on the register and we giggled like kids. I’m an excellent scanner. I said. Snicker, snicker. But still. There was NO ONE THERE. So I left my $20 on the register, under a weight. Hopped in the car and we drove off. 
Is it possible, do you think, to be charged with self service in a drive-thru? Hubby thinks maybe it is. He wants to call the hotel. He’s worried that we should have beeped. I’m like, stuff ’em. Who doesn’t man a bottle shop at 8.30pm on a Friday night? 
Seems like bad business to me.  
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