People, often enough, comment on the blog or Facebook page about the nice way I talk about my Hubby. The general air of lovey dovey’ness and kind words. I wrote about it in an old post, on an old blog that’s now gone. Ahh what can you do. But it’s about being on each others side.

My Dad said it was essential to be on each others side. To not put each other down. To leave the little digs alone. He said digging and put downs chip away at a person, no matter how funny you think they are, it undermines them. And a person who feels like they are constantly undermined and undervalued can’t be a good partner.

So I made it my mission. Given I have a smart ass mouth and questionable sense of humour, I made myself a promise not to be a jerk to my hubby. Not to make him the butt of my jokes. Not to put him down. And believe ME, some days that is hard work. No because of him, necessarily, but because I think it’s hilarious to be a bit of a jerk.

But I attempt to refrain. The majority of the time. And it works for us. Happy home, happy hubby, happy wife. you see I tell my jokes when it’s just the two of us. Because WE get it. No one thinks I’m making fun of him when it’s just us two. It’s just me. Being me. Trying to be funny.

And so, that flows through to the blog. This is about the most public of public places. What I write lives here. Perhaps one day it will be a record for our children. So I want the best of him here. The best of us. It’s not that I am sugar coating it. That’s not it at all, {no matter what the title says} it’s part of my commitment to him and to me to be on his side. And someone on his side wouldn’t make jokes at his expense or tell stories that would embarrass him.

You know what else I learnt from my parents. I don’t praise Hubby for the work he does around the house, or the washing or the dishes. He does them so often that I would be redundant. But also, this is his house too, to throw a party when he keeps it clean would be weird, right? I do say thank you. Often.

And he does the same.

We notice and say thank you. Not a single piece of confetti is thrown. But that may be its own post really. Do you celebrate your man helping? And I mean like WOW HE DID THE DISHES. No thank you for doing the dishes baby. I’d be interested to know. Moving on!

That’s how we got here. 7 years and a bit later. 10 years of being in a relationship with this man. Thanks parentals, I appreciate the advice. It certainly helps that I love his beard growing, t-shirt wearing, fence building, outfit photo taking, nowhere near the guy of my dreams but turned out to be my dream guy self. It certainly makes it easier to ignore those one liners when they pop up.


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