You guys know it. I know it. Anyone who see’s my wardrobe knows it. I’ve got a thing for stripes and I’ve got it baaaad. When a brand releases a new range I take a look, I take a closer look if there are stripes involved. Small stripes, big stripes, horizontal or vertical. I don’t care. I love them. Which is what had me fall so incredibly hard for the 17 Sundays BASIC range. I said to Hubby that it was all stripes ALL the time. And all kinds of wonderful.

Last week when I did some shopping with a 50% off voucher at The Iconic I spent plenty of money and ALL of it was with 17 Sundays BASIC. I have some stripe shorts, this skirt and a dress. Oh and a tee but that doesn’t have stripes so it really doesn’t fit into this little tale. And then when I was done buying stripes for me I added a dress and some short for my sister in law’s birthday too. Both with stripes.

No really.

I think I need an intervention.

You decide…

Sunnies – BigW
Singlet – Avella for BigW
Cardigan – Mix Apparel
Skirt – 17 Sundays BASIC
Flip Flops – KMart

{no brand associations currently apply}



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