You guys know it. I know it. Anyone who see’s my wardrobe knows it. I’ve got a thing for stripes and I’ve got it baaaad. When a brand releases a new range I take a look, I take a closer look if there are stripes involved. Small stripes, big stripes, horizontal or vertical. I don’t care. I love them. Which is what had me fall so incredibly hard for the 17 Sundays BASIC range. I said to Hubby that it was all stripes ALL the time. And all kinds of wonderful.

Last week when I did some shopping with a 50% off voucher at The Iconic I spent plenty of money and ALL of it was with 17 Sundays BASIC. I have some stripe shorts, this skirt and a dress. Oh and a tee but that doesn’t have stripes so it really doesn’t fit into this little tale. And then when I was done buying stripes for me I added a dress and some short for my sister in law’s birthday too. Both with stripes.

No really.

I think I need an intervention.

You decide…

plus size stripe 17 sundays skirt 002

plus size stripe 17 sundays skirt 005

plus size stripe 17 sundays skirt 004

plus size stripe 17 sundays skirt 006

Sunnies – BigW
Singlet – Avella for BigW
Cardigan – Mix Apparel
Skirt – 17 Sundays BASIC
Flip Flops – KMart

{no brand associations currently apply}