If you follow me on Instagram you won’t be surprised that I am on team selfie. I am well and truly in this corner. Imagine my surprise when Sunrise discussed the raising of a generation of narcissists. Strong word. Big claims. I’m not even sure they believed it themselves, a lot of the crew seemed team selfie as well.

It got me thinking and you know what happens then! I have to empty my brain here for the world to see. Such is my generation. Our every thought is considered worthy of attention, adulation and posting in forever type public forums. Right? That probably makes me a narcissist to some degree, now that you mention it. Oh well, I’m okay with that.

Back to the seflie.

Sure there will be some vanity there, absolutely. But when it comes to combating the onslaught of perfected images in the media isn’t a goofy head shot one step in the right direction? It’s perfect because anyone can do it. Your Mum, you Nan, the old guy at the shops celebrating his potted plant win. This flood of images of everyday people. Predominately without air-brushing {that picnik.com phase was a bit much}.

Real people.

Sure they’re from a flattering angle, usually shoved through an Instagram filter or two, but it’s real. Undistorted, trimmed or stretched. What I know is that taking photos of myself made me come to terms with that THIS is my face and THAT is my body, they are what they are, moving on. For me it was a confidence boost to get to a point where I accepted myself.

What say you? The selfie, a hindrance to social development or a help?   

Check out the segment here.

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