Yahoo posted an article the other day with the link title, Carrie Underwood says she would quit her job if her husband told her to and the internet explodes. So I clicked on it. OF COURSE. There’s not much to clarify Carrie’s comment, even the author of the article says there’s probably more to the statement than it appears. But it got me thinking about life, love, gender roles and all that.


And yes, I’d give up my job if Hubby asked me to.


But he sure as heck would want to have a good reason. But if he did, I would. If he felt it was important enough, I would. Some things are worth giving up almost anything for. Love and a quality relationship have to be one of them, right? And I would expect him to do the same for me. Kel would; I know him. So that’s another reason why I would if he asked. The article’s writer asked something similar about Carrie’s husband, would he do the same for her?

Errr, you said he already switched teams to live in Nashville, where she is located; I think the answer is yes.

But you know what, I’m pretty sure my Hubby {or Carrie’s} wouldn’t ask. Because when we say job, I am talking about the thing I love, not the job that pays my bills, and I happen to be pretty good at it. I mean this blog. So that gives you some indication of how seriously I’m taking this. I love this blog, I adore my life online, but I’d give it up for him. For us, mostly.

I would worry about resentment, though, if I did. I don’t think I would give anything up unless I felt that I wouldn’t resent it. But wouldn’t I resent my job, my life online if it cost me my relationship too? I would. Absolutely. Much, much more than I could ever resent my green-eyed, generous, kind husband. Much, much more. It would cost him big time; in shoes probably. Haha.


What say you? Would you give up something you love for your partner?

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