Last week I shared a photo of my mason jar full of iced tea. Homemade and all kinds of awesome. A few people asked about what was in it and why I make my own tea at home. So being the obliging blogger I am I took a few more photos of my most recent batch for this post. I want to share this recipe and some tips for creating a yummy blend. Iced tea and I are besties, so let’s get started, shall we?

Brew your tea in a large sealed container. Refrigerate it or throw it in the freezer after ten minutes or so if you need it chilled quickly.  Make sure you leave it for that ten minutes though so the tea bags have time to do what they do. Steep or whatever. For a 2 litre container I used 5 tea bags and let them cool on a bench. Use more tea bags if you want a stronger flavour more quickly.

I use a combination of tea bags to get a range of flavours. Some people add extra fruits or herbs too. I find that combining different tea will give you more than enough layers of flavour. My favourites are a black tea, chamomile, green tea and any of the teas that are bright and light and cheerful. Fruity ones, you know the ones right?

When you’ve brewed your tea, cooled it and you’re getting ready to serve its time to add some pretties and sweetness if you want it. I don’t add any juice or sugar to ours because I HATE overly sweet sickly tea. Ick. I like to taste the flavours of the tea. That said I almost always add lemon or lime or both. Other great ideas are a splash of apple or other juices to sweeten instead of sugar. Add raspberries or strawberries when in season, chunks of any fruit really for colour and flavour. Yum.

Get creative. What’s the worst that can happen? Serve over ice, lots of it, and layer extra slices of fruit into the containers {the jug or glasses or both}. Add straws for extra wank factor and serve icy cold on the hottest days of summer when the idea of drinking just one more glass of water makes you go a little gaga. I’m pretty sure you could add booze as well if you wanted… Try it out, let me know. Haha.



Suger’s Green Monster Chill Out Tea

3 Green Tea with Mint tea bags
2 Chamomile tea bags
2 lemons
1 lime
Apple juice {less than half a cup if using}
Lots of ice

Enjoy folks! Be sure to let me know how you go. 


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