In blogging it’s about knowing who YOU are. Knowing what YOUR limits are. Knowing what you’re happy to do or not do to grow your blog. To flog your blog, to be a bit crass about it. For me I exploit the tales of my Hubby and my family and friends for personal gain. Sure I’m delicate about it but their stuff is free game to me. Unless they call it as off the record, of course. I’ll wake up at 4am for an event or a conference. I’ll make a fool of myself and expose my guts for everyone to pick through. I’m willing to do all of that, for my blog. For it’s growth. For the content.

And mostly for my own entertainment.

I would do anything for my blog {some days, depending on my mood, less face it} but you will never, EVER, see me nude. I know it’s worked wonderfully for some close blogging girlfriends of mine {no really, those links take you to their nudes photos. On. Their. BLOGS!}. No judgement. I was proud as punch of them. It’s my line in the sand. And it’s about me being a total prude in some regards. Private in other. Terrified of my Dad seeing it too. So it’s my no way thing. Not that anyone’s come a knocking. But there it is. No nude pics for me. So sing it with me, I would do anything for stats, but I woooon’t do that.

What’s YOUR thing?

What won’t you do for your blog, no matter what?



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