Working in reception I meet a lot of people. Some just leave me stopped in their tracks with their rudeness and attitude. I had an experience like that recently. I think maybe he just hated women or receptionists. Maybe his last wife ran off with one, who knows. But all I know is that he was ick. Ick ick. And I had been on my best smiley behaviour, offered him a stinking coffee and everything. He was just rude. Plain, old fashioned, contemptuous, condescending rude.

It made me chuckle a little after the steam stopped shooting out my ears. I think that annoyed him most. I stood there, looked him in the eye as he turned his back on me and I chuckled a little. You picked the wrong girl mate. This one won’t be intimidated by you. No sir. I’m not above being annoyed at you and giving you the stink eye though. Why are you like that? What made you decide that treating a stranger, who was actually there in service to you, like something to squish under your sizeable shoe is a good idea?

Do me a favour, my friend. Reconsider this course. Reconsider your attitude and come back to civilised people. I assure you, it’s nicer here. I wonder do you feel the daggers shooting into your back by the people you annoyed. Feel the frustration of those who know you best as trail limply behind you? Do you? How can you live like that, why would you live like that?

Seriously, I wonder about people sometimes.

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