Yesterday. It was hosted by the Gympie Women in Business. A group I’ve watched from afar but never really jump on board with before. Nothing against them, more me being me. You know how it is. But I am SO glad I went. I mean, SO glad. There was the workshop, then a gorgeous lunch and then some more social media chats.

Not only did we hear from Jody and Nic of the hugely popular Stay at Home Mum {65,000+ LIKERS on facebook} but they asked me to speak a little about working with brands, new media and approaching bloggers. That was cool. You guys know me, I loooooove to talk. Especially about blogging. Mmmm, yummy.

So all for sharing the love, I thought I would share with you the top 5 things {in no particular order} I took away from the workshop;

  • Be as consistent on your social media as you are on your blog.
  • Facebook shout outs breed lazy likers.
  • Offer something of value that is unique.
  • Be personal and interactive.
  • Pick your focus and hit that.

It also got me thinking about all the information we as bloggers gather that our business friends may not know. That makes us a resource. Potential social media managers, consultants and freelance awesome’ists. An interesting concept, don’t you think? That a hobby could become a full time career.

I for one would be totally ok with tweeting and facebooking all day. Just saying.

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