I clicked a link through to the CLEO Australia webpage today to read an article title Is Being Twenty-Something Overrated. I read it and HAD to comment here, of course, it was too long for a comment comment. Firstly, why the Australian CLEO has an article referencing 401k plans and American bloggers when there are sure to be Australian examples they could use for the Australian CLEO is beyond me. Hello. I could do it. Pick me.

Then second, I thought, 20 year olds are smug, that’s their problem. Mostly. Generally speaking. It’s why we love them. Some of those smug bastards basically invented the interwebs and other brilliant things. There’s a lot to be said for twenty-somethings. I remain one by the skin of my teeth, so I know. But they can also be jerks. Let me tell you about the old me. The me that got me to now on the door step of my thirtieth birthday.

I was barely into my twenties and I had it all. I’d landed myself a husband to be, I had a house and another on the way, I signed off the ownership paper on a cafe before I turned 21 and I drove a speedy little red convertible. Let’s just say, as far as being in my twenties go, I peaked too soon. This picture perfect early twenties wasn’t to be. Life got hard. Fast.

By the time I got married I had dragged myself through the sort of depression only someone with everything to lose can experience. I reached my mid-twenties and I was a little less smug. Life had beaten it out of me. Then came the past 4 years of trying for a baby and well, I don’t have an ounce of smug left. Smug is one of those charming personality traits that it takes something to break out of.

So when I read the CLEO article I wondered really if life is any harder for twenty-something now, or is it just the way it rolls with the have it all myth well and truly installed? Maybe being able to have it all is a bit too much to swallow. Maybe it’s the cause behind so many of my peers being trapped in the quicksand of nothingness of no job, no house, no light at the end of the tunnel. Or maybe we’re spoilt.

Maybe when houses were cheaper to buy {were they really though? Relatively speaking?} and life ambitions were simpler people just got our lives together sooner? Lived shorted lives and all that so got down to business. Settled down, had some kids, paid off a house, hoped for the best. Perhaps it’s the curse of wanting it all, or wanting the best that is haunting us. Why can’t we live in that one bedroom hell hole to get our foot in the door? Run for coffee to get that job down the track?

It’s a whopping great generalisation to say that ALL twenty somethings are built the same, because they aren’t. And I don’t know, I’ve never been a twenty-something in a past or future generation. I never will be. All I know is that my twenties were awesome and not all at once. I tried hard, failed a lot and succeeded plenty too. I loved and lost and shared and grew and challenged myself. Were they overrated? Maybe just a little. A teeny tiny bit. But that could have been me.

What say you, were your twenties overrated? Or everything you had ever hoped they’d be? 

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