I picked up the Marie Claire 200th issue in my local cafe the other morning. Talk about late to the party. That’s me. I flicked through the pages and I found myself going, yes, no, yes, yes, no. Not about the stories or the models as I would have in the past, but about looks that would or wouldn’t work for me. Turns out, I’ve got a personal style now.

I see something and start to imagine it amongst the clothes in my wardrobe. When and where I could wear it. How I would wear it. There’s this process in my brain that goes something like oooo, I likey. Where have I seen it. Would that item fit me at the shop where I’ve seen it. Maybe I should go online and look. I’ll maybe do a shout out on twitter etc etc.

And so, my collection develops. Or doesn’t. Because sometimes finding on trend stuff, with a reasonable price tag is ridiculously hard. Why is that? Surely Australia can’t be that far behind or away from the others to justify the cost. I do love to shop an end of season sale though. Absolutely. Too bad all the stock doesn’t just show up at end of season prices. Haha.

But back to the magazine. I flicked another page and I saw it.


Oh dear lord, what the holy heck IS THAT? I thought with my head tilted to the side and lip sort of curled. Now I’ve got the grandpa slippers {called smoking slippers in the article} but I still can’t bring myself to lust after an item of clothing that makes it look like I woke up and forgot to get dressed before going out, like a crazy person. My hair says that on its own, thank you very much. So it’s a no for me. No matter what.

What trends are you saying no to this year?

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