When I was putting together the newsletter Friday I realised something…

There are very few entirely writing personal posts here anymore. We have the Steal Her Style, the outfit posts {with little pieces of life thrown in}, Confident You and recipes and maybe a comment on a news article or something here and there. How did THAT happen?  I was a little taken aback actually. I still consider this a personal blog. Sure personal style features heavily but I never imagined it would be the whole deal.


But not, you see. I thought about it for a while, decided to chat with Hubby about it. It’s nothing, he said. We don’t get out much that’s all. It still played on my mind a little. All weekend in fact. Perhaps I’d forgotten how to blog about life and the silly things that happen to us {a direct quote form my blog description}. So I thought I’d sit down and write something, see how I went. No, this isn’t that post. Everyone hates those I have nothing to blog about woe is me posts. Trust me, this may look, smell and read like one of those but it’s not. That post sort of was, this one I really tried for it not to be. HA. That post was a big fat nothing. Literally a cursor staring at me for ages.

Life, it’s just not that interesting around here at the moment.

And I’m not going to force it.

So in case you were wondering where it all went. That’s where. It’ll probably be back. Don’t worry.

Over and out!

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