Basically it said that in October you will see the end of 2 years of hard work. From October you will reap the benefits of that hard work and enter a fruitful stage of life. And I, having felt like I was on a bit of an upward slope getting nowhere, believe them. As the daughter of a farmer, I have seen the real life results of reaping what you sow. I have seen plants grow from a piece of something so small it’s nothing to ripe and laden fruit plants.

I believed them.

This is my chance to reap what I have sown.

I say bring it on. I can’t wait to see it.

Fruitful, heck yes.

And normally I’m a take it with a grain of salt sort of girl. Stuff will sometimes line up, sometimes not so much. Is it wrong to get a little excited about the possibilities of things being easier, more profitable or exciting in the very near future? Is it wrong to want the struggling to end? And by struggle, I mean the groundwork. The foundations for things to be great. Is it ok to want something so bad that you see it written on the page and believe it in a moment?

I can’t wait. But I’m cautious because I don’t necessarily believe there is a date written in the stars for things to just happen. To fall into place. But if there was anything that I wanted to believe. Almost HAD to believe. This is it. I want to see results for my hard work. I things to happen that I’ve been preparing for. And most of all, I want it all to come soon. I’m willing it forward.

It turns out, I haven’t learnt much about patience yet.

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